Gonzalo Álvarez

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In recent years, a large amount of work on chaos-based cryptosystems have been published. However many of the proposed schemes fail to explain or do not possess a number of features that are fundamentally important to all kind of cryptosystems. As a result, many proposed systems are difficult to implement in practice with a reasonable degree of security.(More)
The presence of mobile devices has increased in our lives offering almost the same functionality as a personal computer. Android devices have appeared lately and, since then, the number of applications available for this operating system has increased exponentially. Google already has its Android Market where applications are offered and, as happens with(More)
The use of mobile phones has increased in our lives because they offer nearly the same functionality as a personal computer. Besides, the number of applications available for Android-based mobile devices has increased. Google offers programmers the opportunity to upload and sell applications in the Android Market, but malware writers upload their malicious(More)
In recent years, a growing number of cryptosystems based on chaos have been proposed, many of them fundamentally flawed by a lack of robustness and security. In this Letter, we explain how to break a very recent block cipher algorithm based on the logistic map. This cryptosystem uses a 128-bit external key to derive the initial condition and number of(More)
This paper reports a detailed cryptanalysis of a recently proposed encryption scheme based on the logistic map [A. Pisarchik et al., Chaos 16, 033118 (2006)]. Some problems are emphasized concerning the key space definition and the implementation of the cryptosystem using floating-point operations. It is also shown how it is possible to reduce considerably(More)
Nowadays, it is hard to find a popular Web site with a registration form that is not protected by an automated human proof test which displays a sequence of characters in an image, and requests the user to enter the sequence into an input field. This security mechanism is based on the Turing Test—one of the oldest concepts in Artificial Intelligence—and it(More)
This paper describes the security weakness of a recently proposed improved chaotic encryption method based on the modulation of a signal generated by a chaotic system with an appropriately chosen scalar signal. The aim of the improvement is to avoid the breaking of chaotic encryption schemes by means of the return map attack introduced by Pérez and(More)