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BACKGROUND Airway epithelium integrity is essential to maintain its role of mechanical and functional barrier. Recurrent epithelial injuries require a complex mechanism of repair to restore its integrity. In chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), an abnormal airway epithelial repair may participate in airway remodeling. The objective was to determine(More)
A 65-year-old man presented with a painful hip five years after a cemented replacement. Histological examination of a biopsy taken from tissue surrounding the femoral implant showed infiltration of a squamous-cell carcinoma. Further investigation revealed a primary growth in the left lung. This rare example of a metastasis in relation to a joint replacement(More)
PURPOSE To improve function after pelvic resection involving the acetabulum, using an anatomic composite implant built with screws and cement. MATERIAL AND METHOD Since 1990, 66 patients with peri-acetabular bone malignancies have been treated by extensive resection followed by hand-modelled innominate prosthesis with partially constrained total hip(More)
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