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Pedestrian Detection for Transformer Substation Based on Gaussian Mixture Model and YOLO
Safety is a core requirement of the transformer substation where is dangerous due to high voltage. It requires to detect pedestrians efficiently based on the surveillance video near the substation toExpand
The Detection of Extra Matters on the Transmission Lines Based on the Filter Response and Appearance
The algorithm can recognize the extra matters on transmission lines fast and accurately and use the color and texture features to make it more robust to the variation of the background. Expand
Off-position detection based on convolutional neural network
Action Recognition of Sleeping at the Desk Using Regression on a Dependency Graph
A hierarchical method of activity recognition for sleeping at the desk in business hall that achieves comparable accuracy to state-of-the-art results. Expand
Semantic annotation of satellite images using discrete infinite logistic normal distribution based mixed-membership model
This paper proposes a novel method for the annotation of the multispectral satellite images by incorporating a new graphical model of discrete infinite logistic normal distribution to estimate probabilities of semantic classes for the regions in the test images, and categorize them into the semantic concepts. Expand
Electrical Transmission Line Detection using Pixel Search