Gongye Zhou

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Metadata plays an important role in mass storage system. How to distribute and balance the metadata of the metadata server cluster determines the overall performance of a cluster. Two popular metadata distribution policies are the dynamic subtree policy and hashing policy, while the dynamic subtree partition is vulnerable to the imbalance workload and(More)
The existing methods which are used to study the complicated cloud storage can not effectively express the internal. This paper abstracts the realistic cloud storage system and presents an automata model for cloud storage, which consists of Storage Cellular and Client Cellular, and analyzes this abstract model through the theory of cellular automata. We not(More)
Sustaining an ultra-low and stable flying height (FH) of disk head in hard disk drive (HDD) is crucial for achieving high areal densities in magnetic recording. For this purpose, and in order to reduce the FH loss, a novel active FH control method with the concept of individual and in situ FH control by means of built-in micro-actuators (namely heater) is(More)
Deposition of magnetic material onto pre-patterned disks is a promising choice for Bit Patterned Media (BPM) fabrication. Nevertheless, understanding the relationship between recording characteristics and the patterning parameters is still lacking. In this article, we present a theoretical study on the recording and noise properties of the BPM made from(More)
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