Gongwen Wang

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In this paper, we used 3D modeling and nonlinear methods (fractal, multifractal, and probabilistic neural networks (PNN)) for regional mineral potential mapping and quantitative assessment for porphyry and skarn-type Mo deposits and hydrothermal vein-type Pb–Zn–Ag deposits in the Luanchuan region, China. A 3D geological model was constructed from various(More)
The geochemistry is key mineral information to identify mineral potential targets. Exploration geochemistry continues to be a major contributor to mineral exploration programs at scales ranging from regional reconnaissance down to mining leases. In this paper, a combination of geographic information system (GIS) technology and fractal method is applied to(More)
The three-dimensional (3D) geological model can be applied to observe the geological subjects of the deposit from all aspects and the orientation as borehole as its geometry. In this paper, firstly, Discrete Smooth Interpolation (DSI) method with GOCAD software was applied to construct 3D topographic and geologic models of the Pulang Copper in Yunnan based(More)
Satellite remote sensing can detect earth surface features from space. The environmental factors impact on remote sensing data spectral signatures used to differentiate the alteration from surrounding mineralization rocks. Hydrothermal alteration as a geological record of spatial distribution has a fractal structure. In this paper, Henan Lushi Mo-Fe(More)
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