Gongqiang Li

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Normal phase chiral HPLC methods are presented for the enantiomeric separation of 30 biaryl atropisomers including 18 new compounds recently produced via a novel synthetic approach. Three new cyclofructan based chiral stationary phases were evaluated. Separations were achieved for all but six analytes and the LARIHC™ CF6-P alone provided 15 baseline(More)
Herein, we disclose the first metal-free synthesis of primary aromatic amines from arylboronic acids, a reaction that has eluded synthetic chemists for decades. This remarkable transformation affords structurally diverse primary arylamines in good chemical yields, including a variety of halogenated primary anilines that often cannot be prepared via(More)
Fusion of two N-annulated perylene (NP) units with a fused porphyrin dimer along the S0-S1 electronic transition moment axis has resulted in new near-infrared (NIR) dyes 1 a/1 b with very intense absorption (ε>1.3×10(5) M(-1) cm(-1)) beyond 1250 nm. Both compounds displayed moderate NIR fluorescence with fluorescence quantum yields of 4.4×10(-6) and(More)
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