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MicroRNAs have been demonstrated to be involved in human diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. Growing evidences suggest that microRNA-155, a typical multifunctional microRNA, plays a crucial role in hematopoietic lineage differentiation, immunity, inflammation, viral infections, and vascular remodeling, which is linked to cardiovascular diseases(More)
In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing multiple access methods in satellite networks, IDMA technique is introduced into satellite communication networks in this paper. IDMA is a multiple access scheme based on CDMA and it supports multiple users with low multiuser detection complexity and provides more and better service for users with(More)
Considering the advantage of interleave-division multiple-access (IDMA) technique and the technical bottlenecks in the existing satellite systems, IDMA is introduced into satellite communication networks. To maximize the resource utilization in IDMA-based multi-beam satellite systems, a new power allocation scheme based on SINR evolution technique is(More)
Compared to land-based sensor networks, Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks have several new challenges, such as dynamic topology, limited network lifetime. To achieve long network lifetime, existing researches use clustering method to assure energy-efficiency. However, nodes far away from sink are easily to exhaust energy due to directly communication with(More)
Spectrum sensing is a key technology in Cognitive Radio (CR). It is an important function to be performed by every cognitive radio. Either single or multiple users can take part in spectrum sensing process. This paper presents a multiple thresholds cooperative spectrum sensing algorithm based on signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). In the first phase, the cognitive(More)
This paper proposed a multi-layer satellite network to archive the global communication, facilitate the complexity of link handover and create the permanent link. The STK (Satellite Tools Kit) is used to design the satellite network according to the simulation objects including the scenario, satellite, facility and constellation, and further more the(More)
In order to resolve the problem of limited spectrum resources and low spectrum utilization rate, we adopted adaptive coded modulation technology based on LDPC codes. We used PEG method to construct the LDPC check matrix and B-P algorithm to decode. In addition, we used the adaptive algorithm based on reliability. We got the modulation and coding scheme(More)
—Considering the advantage of interleave division multiple access (IDMA) technique and the existing technical bottlenecks in satellite systems, IDMA is introduced into satellite communication networks. In multi-beam IDMA satellite systems, combined with unique SINR evolution technology, the system interference value can be accurately estimated, and system(More)