Gongliang Chen

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Authenticated group key agreement is important in many modern collaborative and distributed applications. Recently, identity-based authenticated group key agreement has been increasingly researched because of the simplicity of a public key management. Basically, these protocols provide authentication by signatures. Hence they are less efficient for the(More)
eSTREAM called for new stream ciphers designed for niche areas such as exceptional performance in software and hardware where resources are restricted. This project provides an open platform to discuss these ciphers. Trivium is one of the promising new ciphers submitted to it. Until now, no attack has been successfully applied to it. This paper illustrates(More)
In a directed signature scheme, a verifier can exclusively verify the signatures designated to himself, and shares with the signer the ability to prove correctness of the signature to a third party when necessary. Directed signature schemes are suitable for applications such as bill of tax and bill of health. This paper studies directed signatures in the(More)
Escrowable identity-based authenticated key agreement (AKA) protocols are desirable under certain circumstances especially in certain closed groups applications. In this paper, we focus on two-party identitybased AKA schemes in the escrow mode, and present a strongly secure escrowable identity-based AKA protocol which captures all basic desirable security(More)
The session initiation protocol (SIP) is widely used as a signaling protocol based on the challenge-response exchange mode for handling multimedia sessions in both wire line and wireless world. The original authentication mechanism of SIP is HTTP digest based authentication, which is vulnerable to many forms of known attacks and therefore can not provide(More)
E-cash system can guarantee the anonymity of the user, but it also can be misused illegally. So the idea of fair E-cash was introduced, i.e., the anonymity of the user can be revoked when a crime is involved in fair E-cash system. However, it is still an unsolved problem to design a practical and efficient fair E-cash scheme, since there are some problems(More)