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In this paper we introduce a new approach of constructing time capsule signature. Our new construction captures the basic requirements defined by dodis et al., and it is also very straightforward and flexible. The time capsule signature provides an elegant way to produce a " future signature " that becomes valid from a specific future time t, when a trusted(More)
In a directed signature scheme, a verifier can exclusively verify the signatures designated to himself, and shares with the signer the ability to prove correctness of the signature to a third party when necessary. Directed signature schemes are suitable for applications such as bill of tax and bill of health. This paper studies directed signatures in the(More)
E-cash system can guarantee the anonymity of the user, but it also can be misused illegally. So the idea of fair E-cash was introduced, i.e., the anonymity of the user can be revoked when a crime is involved in fair E-cash system. However, it is still an unsolved problem to design a practical and efficient fair E-cash scheme, since there are some problems(More)