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Aiming at the longitudinal temperature was affected by many reasons, and the control principle of combining the intermittent heating control with the heating gas flow adjustment was adopted. Control strategy and an integrated model of coke oven heating based on hybrid intelligent control methods were built. According to artificial operation and actual(More)
The air compressor provides not only the required pressure air for the cooling equipment and refrigeration plant, but also the raw material required for the air separation plant. Utilizing the air compressor is extremely extensive in many significant departments such as the metallurgy, oil and chemical industry. The air compressor production process is a(More)
In order to improve the level of management and control of coke oven, the research on intelligent integrated control system is carried out. In modern advanced control system of coke oven, the control scheme of feedback combined with feed-forward, and control merged with management are widely utilized. The integrated management and control system of coke(More)
In order to improve the recognition rate of hand gestures a new interactive image segmentation method for hand gesture recognition is presented, and popular methods, e.g., Graph cut, Random walker, Interactive image segmentation using geodesic star convexity, are studied in this article. The Gaussian Mixture Model was employed for image modelling and the(More)
According to the main characteristics of production line of iron and steel enterprise, how to make aggregate production planning of iron and steel enterprise are analyzed. An aggregate production plan model of product line of iron and steel enterprise is proposed, which is calculated by using standard library function of the Matlab7.0 genetic algorithm(More)
Camera calibration is a crucial problem in many applications, such as 3D reconstruction, structure from motion, object tracking and face alignment. Numerous methods have been proposed to solve the above problem with good performance in the last few decades. However, few methods are targeted at joint calibration of multi-sensors (more than four devices),(More)
With the development of metallurgical industry and the improvement of continuous casting technology, the processing properties of casting technology equipment are being paid more attention. Ladle is one of the most representatives of the furnace equipment; higher requirements of ladle are put forward in response to the call for national energy-saving and(More)