Gong-wu Song

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A novel cationic polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane nanoparticle (cationic POSS) was synthesized and successfully used as a new probe for the detection of DNA by resonance light scattering technique (RLS). It was found that the electrostatic interaction of cationic POSS and DNA could obviously enhance the RLS signal, the enhanced RLS intensity at 360 nm(More)
A highly sensitive fluorimetry determination of DNA is developed in this paper. The maximum fluorescence intensity was produced in the pH 3.05, with the maximum excitation and emission wavelength of 362 and 531 nm, respectively. Under the optimum conditions, the fluorescence intensity was proportional to the concentration of DNA. The linear range for calf(More)
A mixed complex of La with 2,2-bipyridyl (dpy) and 1,10-phenanthroline(phen) was synthesized. Elemental analysis, IR and TGA of the complex were investigated, thus it was proved that the conformation of it was La(dpy)(phen)Cl3. The interaction of the complex with DNA has been studied also. The spectra showed that the interaction between La(dpy)(phen)Cl3 and(More)
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