Gong Zhiyong

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On the basis of the definition of leanness and agility, the authors compared the two paradigms first, and then analyzed the similarities and differences between them. The article shows neither paradigm is better nor worse than the other, they should not be considered in a progression or in isolation. In some situations, they can be combined together to(More)
Grouping learners according to their features in the Web-based learning environment is a key to build personalization learning system. This paper proposes a new method for learner grouping based on personality clustering. We first build a learner model including a personality model and a behavior mode, which is the basis of learner grouping. Furthermore,(More)
This paper examines the forecasting of Value-at-Risk model. We explore and compare two different possible sources of performance improvement: asymmetry in the conditional variance and fat-tailed distributions. The HIS stock index futures are studied using daily data. Our result suggest that for asset returns which exhibit fatter and volatility clustering,(More)
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