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Molecular systematics occupies one of the central stages in biology in the genomic era, ushered in by unprecedented progress in DNA technology. The inference of organismal phylogeny is now based on many independent genetic loci, a widely accepted approach to assemble the tree of life. Surprisingly, this approach is hindered by lack of appropriate nuclear(More)
Recently, the idea of compressed sensing (CS) has been used in radar system, and the concept of compressed sensing radar (CSR) has been proposed in which the target scene can be sparsely represented in the range-Doppler plane. With sufficiently incoherent transmission waveform, the target scene can be reconstructed by the technique of CS. With the idea that(More)
Cooperative multiple-input multiple-output technology allows a wireless network to coordinate among distributed antennas and achieve considerable performance gains similar to those provided by conventional MIMO systems. It promises significant improvements in spectral efficiency and network coverage and is a major candidate technology in various standard(More)
Proxy Mobile IP (PMIP) provides a solution for network-based localized mobility management which in contrast to host-based mobility solutions, like Mobile IP (MIP), does not require changes to the end-hosts. It also avoids tunneling overhead on the interface which connects a mobile node to it's access network. Within a PMIP-enabled mobility domain, the(More)
We directly configured double-walled carbon nanotubes as energy conversion materials to fabricate thin-film solar cells, with nanotubes serving as both photogeneration sites and a charge carriers collecting/transport layer. The solar cells consist of a semitransparent thin film of nanotubes conformally coated on a n-type crystalline silicon substrate to(More)
This paper presents GeoGrid, a geographical location service overlay network system, for providing scalable location-based services to a large and growing number of mobile users. GeoGrid is designed as a decentralized and geographical location aware overlay network and provides system-level facilities and optimizations for balancing load in the presence of(More)
Clustered codons that pair to low-abundance tRNA isoacceptors can form slow-translating regions in the mRNA and cause transient ribosomal arrest. We report that folding efficiency of the Escherichia coli multidomain protein SufI can be severely perturbed by alterations in ribosome-mediated translational attenuation. Such alterations were achieved by global(More)
The purpose of this cross-sectional observational study was to identify ethnic differences in body composition and obesity-related risk factors between Chinese and white males living in China. 115 Chinese and 114 white male pilots aged 28-63 years were recruited. Fasting body weight, height and blood pressure were measured following standard procedures.(More)
Spatial alarms can be modeled as location-based triggerswhich are fired whenever the subscriber enters the spatial region aroundthe location of interest associated with the alarm. Alarm processing requiresmeeting two demanding objectives: high accuracy, which ensureszero or very low alarm misses, and system scalability, which requireshighly efficient(More)
This paper investigates the main causes that make the application migration to Cloud complicated and error-prone through two case studies. We first discuss the typical configuration errors in each migration case study based on our error categorization model, which classifies the configuration errors into seven categories. Then we describe the common(More)