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A Study on the Pure-land Belief of Dunhuang in Xixia Dynasty
The pure-land belief was very popular in Dunhuang of Xixia Dynasty,this was performed by the paintings of pure-land painted in Dunhuang Grottoes.Additionally,there were lots of pure-land belief datasExpand
A New Study on Emperor Jianwen of Ming Dynasty Escaping to Qutan Temple in Qinghai Province
There are many interpretations of Emperor Jianwen whereabouts in Jing-nan-zhi-yi(a battle between Chengzu and Jianwen of Ming Dynasty).Based on the historical data of Ming-shi(the history of MingExpand
A Study of the Year for Writing the Tablet "Shi-Di-Zhuang-Ke-Shi" in Chongsheng Temple of Yushe County
The christening of the "shi-di-bei-ji" written by Liufang was "shi-di-zhuang-ke-shi".The year of writing its main portion "shi-di-zhuang" was A.D 1233,the year for its engraving was A.D 1258.TheExpand
Identiting and correcting errors of partial articles age and sutras punctuation in All Articles of Liao and Jin Dynasties
The article identifies and corrects the errors of five articles' age and twenty-six sutras' punctuations in All Articles of Liao and Jin Dynasties.Simultaneously,the article explains the contents ofExpand
A Study on the Taboo and Calendar at Dunhuang in the Tang Dynasty Based on the Inscribed Stone Tablet in the Dali Era
This paper is a thorough study of the "taboo"(avoiding mentioning the emperors by name) and the calendar at Dunhuang in the Tang dynasty according to the inscribed stone tablet in the Dali era.BeforeExpand
A study of the inscriptions on the illustrations to Nirvana sutra in Cave 61 at Mogao Grottoes
This article gives a detail introduction both of the illustrations painted on the panel screen in Cave 61 Mogao Grottoes with depictions of Nirvana scenes abstracted from Illustrations to the lifeExpand