Gong Min Wei

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The aerosol lidar ratio is a key parameter for the retrieval of aerosol optical properties from elastic lidar, which changes largely for aerosols with different chemical and physical properties. We proposed a method for retrieving the aerosol lidar ratio profile by combining simultaneous ground- and space-based elastic lidars. The method was tested by a(More)
In this article, a new control algorithm of MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is proposed. The proposed algorithm takes the interaction between solar arrays, photovoltaic inverter, MPPT control, dc side dynamic model of solar arrays and the light intensity of the solar arrays into consideration. The algorithm is based on Lyapunov model reference adaptive(More)
As a kind of feature selection algorithm applied widely in intrusion forensics, information gain could solve the problem of high-dimension and magnanimous, but it neglects correlation between features, which could lead to the redundancy of features, and affect the speed and accuracy of intrusion forensics. So an improved information gain algorithm based on(More)
This paper describes a power electronic system used to charge electric vehicle (EV) batteries. To achieve the requirements of high power factor and efficiency, two power converter units are adopted. The PWM rectifier with direct power control based on space vector PWM (DPC-SVM) in the front-end and full-bridge (FB) converter with phase-shifted zero-voltage(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Endoscopic tunneling resection is a relatively novel endoscopic technology for removing gastric submucosal tumors. Our study aimed to compare the differences between tunneling and nontunneling resection for gastric submucosal tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Resections of gastric submucosal tumors (n = 97) performed from 2010 to 2015 at our(More)
Localization of sensor nodes is the foundation of the entire wireless sensor network. The article introduces the localization process of sensor nodes of DV-HOP algorithm. Based on this, it proposes an improved DV-HOP algorithm which based on meshless weighted least square method. Highly effective non-grid method can be An effective solution to the(More)
In this article, we introduce the genetic algorithm into the inversion of aerosol size distribution. We are often faced with limited or insufficient observations in remote sensing and the observations are contaminated. The particle spectrum extinction equation is an ill-posed integral equation of the extinction inversion method<sup>[1]</sup>. To overcome(More)
Data on the use of breeding records of dairy cattle farm of Fenghuang-shan in Chengdu areas during a period of six years is systematically analyzed. The results show that Holstein heifers have their 1st estrus at an average age of 513.6±46.7 d which is not related to the calving season. Estrus mostly occurs in the months with mild ambient temperature(More)
To study the content of a document has been printed in a computer is a branch of Computer Forensics. In this paper, through studying the Postscript format of the printed documents in the Windows operating system, analyze the methods about recovery content of the printed document, and then has an effect analysis of the Postscript content recovery.
Nowadays instant messaging (IM), as a viable communication tool, has been widely adopted in the business field. Instant messaging delivers lots of benefits for business, but most people are unaware of its security problems and other potential implications. This paper focuses on investigating the problems and issues associated with the instant messaging in(More)