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BACKGROUND Adolescent smoking is a public health concern in China. Although the family is an important social influence in China, few associations among family characteristics and adolescent smoking have been examined using Chinese samples. METHODS Survey data on psychosocial variables and smoking were collected from a sample of 3629 7th grade adolescents(More)
Collision detection is an important part of the development in virtual reality system. In this paper, we describe the principle, realization of AABB (axis-aligned bounding boxes) collision detection algorithm and three-dimensional frame (3D Frame) collision detection algorithm. AABB bounding box algorithm is a small amount of testing speed.(More)
In order to solve the problem of data transmission slow and poor real-time control in the distributed system composed of PC extended card CP 5611 and multiple plc s7-200, their communication patterns and RS-485 protocol standards are analyzed. PC and multiple PLC build distributed application system through serial port to convert RS232 to RS485. Slave PLC(More)
Network attack and defense experiments have always been the important practices in courses of network security. As the Internet is not a target of network attack and defense in experiments, a virtual network environment for attack and defense is needed. In this paper, we propose a network attack and defense experimental platform based on the virtual honey(More)
In the design of water discharge structure, it may be inevitable to meet bend channels due to the limits by topography and geological conditions. Stilling Basins are usually associated with overflow dams of gravity type. Dissipation of energy depends upon the formation of rollers, turbulence and/or standing waves. Coupled with the influence of the bend(More)
With the increasingly rich of vulnerability related data and the extensive application of machine learning methods, software vulnerability analysis methods based on machine learning is becoming an important research area of information security. In this paper, the up-to-date and well-known works in this research area were analyzed deeply. A framework for(More)
Choke killing is a common method to control well kick and implement well pressure control of oil and gas in the process of drilling. By adjusting choke valve opening, casing pressure and standpipe pressure can be controlled to maintain pressure balance in well and prevent well blowout. In this design, fuzzy control and expert experiences are effectively(More)
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