Gonda Yutaka

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One of the most important and frequently studied variable in forests and the most basic element in governing transport processes of airflow is wind speed. The study of wind profile, defined as the change of wind velocity with height, and wind velocity are important because of tree physiological and developmental responses. Generally, wind profiles above the(More)
Based on paper of “Theoretical derivation of risk-ratios for assessing wind damage in coastal forest”, wind damage in the pine coastal forest, which was thinned at four levels in December of 1997, was investigated for four successive growing seasons. Besides wind damage, the wind profiles outside and inside the coastal forest stand and the distributions of(More)
Based on the discussion of relationships between thinning and wind damage, and published information, a method for estimating risk ratios of wind damage was developed. Estimations of risk-ratio forPinus thunbergii trees and stands were deduced from stem bending theory and coefficients characterizing wind profile, distribution of branches and optical(More)
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