Gonçalo Martins

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In order to obtain information on athletic performance, strength and power characteristics of the athlete are generally evaluated. However, due to the large number of variables needed for the assessment, this kind of evaluations is usually time consuming. Taking advantage of recent developments in the area of sensors and acquisition systems and using signal(More)
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are systems with seamless integration of physical, computational and networking components. These systems can potentially have an impact on the physical components, hence it is critical to safeguard them against a wide range of attacks. In this paper, it is argued that an effective approach to achieve this goal is to(More)
Industrial control systems (ICS) are composed of sensors, actuators, control processing units, and communication devices all interconnected to provide monitoring and control capabilities. Due to the integral role of the networking infrastructure, such systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Indepth consideration of security and resilience and their effects(More)
One step involved in the security engineering process is threat modeling. Threat modeling involves understanding the complexity of the system and identifying all of the possible threats, regardless of whether or not they can be exploited. Proper identification of threats and appropriate selection of countermeasures reduces the ability of attackers to misuse(More)
Groups of autonomous robots become increasingly useful as the mission complexity they can handle increases. However, in a mobile ad hoc network, there are continually communication failures due to changing environmental conditions and of course hardware problems, both temporary and permanent. For this work, we envision a heterogeneous robotic swarm with(More)
An important challenge in networked control systems is to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the message in order to secure the communication and prevent attackers or intruders from compromising the system. However, security mechanisms may jeopardize the temporal behavior of the network data communication because of the computation and(More)
A major problem in the field of communication is the management of the shared transmission medium. For example, if multiple radios are transmitting simultaneously on the same frequency the signals may overlap, leading to interference. Some wireless techniques require the sender to sense before transmitting, introducing non-determinism as they wait a random(More)
In modern networked control applications, confidentiality and integrity are important features to address in order to prevent against attacks. Moreover, network control systems are a fundamental part of the communication components of current cyber-physical systems (e.g., automotive communications). Many networked control systems employ Time-Triggered (TT)(More)
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