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The ability to flexibly produce facial expressions and vocalizations has a strong impact on the way humans communicate, as it promotes more explicit and versatile forms of communication. Whereas facial expressions and vocalizations are unarguably closely linked in primates, the extent to which these expressions can be produced independently in nonhuman(More)
This paper presents a study on the integration of heterogeneous sensor nodes into a wireless sensor network and its use in providing real-time information about water conditions, contributing to water resources management. The work focuses on presenting the methodology used to automatically communicate, parse and store the sensor network data and its(More)
In this paper we will present some work on dependability benchmarking for Grid Computing that represents a common view between two groups of Core-Grid: INRIA-Grand Large and University of Coimbra. We present a brief overview of the state of the art, followed by a presentation of the FAIL-FCI system from INRIA that provides a tool for fault-injection in(More)
This paper presents a custom developed WebGIS tool tailored for oil spill risk assessment and emergency response in coastal areas, built on a nowcast-forecast information system. The latter system was based on the custom deployment of a generic forecasting platform that integrates a suite of forecast models, as well as on the recent improvement in the(More)
Baboons are well studied in savannah but less so in more closed habitats. We investigated predation on mammals by olive baboons (Papio anubis) at a geographical and climatic outlier, Gashaka Gumti National Park (Nigeria), the wettest and most forested site so far studied. Despite abundant wildlife, meat eating was rare and selective. Over 16 years, baboons(More)
OBJECTIVE At some sites across Africa, chimpanzees consume army ants, often aided by plant tools, although consumption frequencies vary greatly. Other populations do not eat these insects at all, despite apparent abundance. The relative importance of this type of myrmecophagy for chimpanzee diet therefore remains unclear. We investigate if army ants(More)
This paper presents an innovative real-time information system for enhanced support to flood risk emergency in urban and nearby coastal areas, targeting multiple users with distinct access privileges. The platform addresses several user requirements such as (1) fast, online access to relevant georeferenced information from wireless sensors, high-resolution(More)
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