Gonçalo Figueira

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The possibilities of combining simulation and optimization are vast and the appropriate design highly depends on the problem characteristics. Therefore, it is very important to have a good overview of the different approaches. The taxonomies and classifications proposed in the literature do not cover the complete range of methods and overlook some important(More)
Nowadays, laparoscopic adrenalectomy is the “gold standard” procedure for the treatment of benign lesions. However, the situation is not so clearcut when the issue is laparoscopic excision of malignant adrenal tumors. We present our results of laparoscopic adrenalectomy for treating malignant tumors over the past decade. Between October 1995 and June 2004,(More)
We analyze the characterization of strongly chirped pulses by spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction (SPIDER). We show how to extend the working range of this technique for these relevant cases and derive correction factors for typical operating parameters. The results are straightforward to implement in the calculation(More)
Mathematical formulations for production planning are increasing complexity, in order to improve their realism. In short-term planning, the desirable level of detail is particularly high. Exact solvers fail to generate good quality solutions for those complex models on medium and large-sized instances within feasible time. Motivated by a realworld case(More)
Angular dispersion of the signal beam inside the nonlinear media is introduced to improve the non-collinear phase-matching range. Simulations run for BBO crystals predict that bandwidth increase is possible for most of the application spectral range and that it can surpass one order of magnitude in some particular configurations.
Production planning and scheduling in the process industry in general and in the pulp and paper (P&P) sector in particular can be very challenging. Most practitioners, however, address those activities relying only on spreadsheets, which is time-consuming and sub-optimal. The literature has reported some decision support systems (DSSs) that are far from the(More)
The collision of a probe laser pulse with a relativistic ionization front is analyzed via two-dimensional ray-tracing theory and simulations. It is shown that collisions in higher dimensions lead to new regimes for the frequency upshift of the probe photons; the frequency upshift can be considerably higher for particular collision angles that maximize the(More)
The use of a controlled, removable angular dispersion applied to the signal beam in a plane orthogonal to that containing the noncollinear angle is experimentally demonstrated as a technique to broaden the gain bandwidth in optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification. With a pump beam centered at 526 nm the supercontinuum signal is amplified in the 900(More)
The study of wavelength tunability for the gain media Yb:CaF2 and Yb:YAG in a regenerative amplifier configuration, was performed by using a simulation code previously benchmarked with real data. The results demonstrate that both materials have potential for amplifying pulses up to the milijoule level for wavelengths around 1048–1049 nm. In light of this,(More)