Gonçalo Borrecho

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INTRODUCTION Low-frequency noise (LFN) leads to an abnormal proliferation of collagen and development of tissue fibrosis. It has been shown that myocardial fibrosis in association with gap junction remodeling occurs in several cardiac diseases and can be implicated in the development of ventricular tachyarrhythmias. We previously reported a strong(More)
UNLABELLED Tooth wear is a complex multifactorial process that involves the loss of hard dental tissue. Parafunctional habits have been mentioned as a self-destructive process caused by stress, which results in hyperactivity of masticatory muscles. Stress manifests itself through teeth grinding, leading to progressive teeth wear. The effects of continuous(More)
UNLABELLED Morphological changes induced by industrial noise (IN) have been experimentally observed in several organs. Histological observations of the coronary arteries showed prominent perivascular tissue and fibrosis among IN-exposed rats. The effects on the small arteries are unknown. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the histomorphometric changes induced by IN(More)
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