Gonçalo Amarante Guimarães Pereira

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Polyploidization constitutes a common mode of evolution in flowering plants. This event provides the raw material for the divergence of function in homeologous genes, leading to phenotypic novelty(More)
The peroxisomal methanol metabolism of Hansenula polymorpha depends on a group of genes that are coordinately regulated. Methanol oxidase (Mox) plays a key role in this pathway and its synthesis has(More)
Transposable elements are major components of plant genomes and they influence their evolution, acting as recombination hot spots, acquiring specific cell functions or becoming part of protein-coding(More)
Candida boidinii and Candida sojae yeasts were isolated from energy cane bagasse and plague-insects. Both have fast xylose uptake rate and produce great amounts of xylitol, which are interesting(More)