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—This paper presents a novel method for image similarity measure, where a hand-drawn rough black and white sketch is compared with an existing data base of full color images (art works and photographs). The proposed system creates ambient intelligence in terms of the evaluation of nonprecise, easy to input sketched information. The system can then provide(More)
Receptive field profiles of simple cells in the visual cortex have been shown to resemble even-symmetric or odd-symmetric Gabor filters. Computational models employed in the analysis of textures have been motivated by two-dimensional Gabor functions arranged in a multi-channel architecture. More recently Wavelets have emerged as a powerful tool for(More)
This paper addresses the challenge of automatic annotation of images for semantic image retrieval. In this research, we aim to identify visual features that are suitable for semantic annotation tasks. We propose an image classification system that combines MPEG-7 visual descriptors and support vector machines. The system is applied to annotate cityscape and(More)
This paper presents a novel multiresolution image segmentation method based on the discrete wavelet transform and Markov Random Field (MRF) modeling. A major contribution of this work is to add spatial scalability to the segmentation algorithm producing the same segmentation pattern at different resolutions. This property makes it suitable for scalable(More)
This paper introduces a multiresolution image segmentation algorithm for scalable object-based wavelet coding applications. This algorithm is based on discrete wavelet transform and multiresolution Markov random field (MMRF) modelling. The major contribution of this work is to add spatial scalability and border smoothness in the segmentation algorithm(More)
This paper presents a new approach for document image decomposition and verification based on connected component analysis and geometric properties of labeled regions. The database contains document images with Persian/Arabic text combined with English text, headlines, ruling lines, trademarks and cursive signatures. In particular, Persian/Arabic signature(More)