Golnessa Galyani Moghaddam

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With the growing popularity of knowledge management, the need for frameworks for evaluating the impacts of knowledge management on organizational performance has been recognized by practitioners. Despite the wide implementations of knowledge management, there is yet no standardized framework for measuring the performance within organizations. The purpose of(More)
Scientific journals represent a significant and growing part of the libraries and many researchers have attempted to measure their use by various methodological approaches till date. In this paper, the author reviews the methodologies employed by researchers working on scientific journals usage. It aims to present an overall picture of the research methods(More)
The concept of quality management originated in Japan and later moved into the USA and other countries industry. Since then, the theory of quality management has been growing fast. TQM was initially applied as a management philosophy in the manufacturing sector. Following its enormous success, this philosophy is increasingly being applied in the service(More)
This paper seeks to review the archiving initiatives of scientific journals created and supported by various organizations or institutions. A review of nine archiving out. The paper focuses mainly on the initiatives by an analytical approach. The paper provides a useful starting-point to anyone who wants to know about the preserving scientific electronic(More)
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