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Serum levels of 5-amino salicylic acid ( 5ASA ) and acetyl 5ASA have been measured in volunteers after ingestion of sulphasalazine (6 g) and compared with levels after an equivalent dose of acrylic coated 5ASA (2.4 g). The serum levels of both 5ASA and acetyl 5ASA were similar after each preparation apart from an early peak of 5ASA following acrylic coated(More)
BACKGROUND Anemia is common in diabetes. The role of hepcidin in diabetic anemia is unknown. OBJECTIVES To assess the relationship between serum hepcidin and anemia in diabetic patients without renal failure. METHODS We prospectively studied 86 consecutive type II diabetic patients--39 with anemia (cases) and 47 without anemia (controls). Patients with(More)
1 The influx of [(14)C]-choline and the efflux of (22)Na in human erythrocytes were measured in vitro using blood from patients treated with lithium, patients not on lithium and healthy individuals. 2 The administration of lithium to patients significantly reduces the transport of choline; during the first 6 weeks of treatment the influx of choline is about(More)
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