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A series of substituted-N′-[(1E)-substituted-phenylmethylidene]benzohydrazide analogs were synthesized and authenticated by TLC, UV–Visible, FTIR, and NMR spectroscopic techniques. The physicochemical similarity of the new analogs with standard drugs was assessed by calculating from a set of ten physicochemical properties using software programs. The(More)
In the original article the structure of phthalic anhydride in Scheme 2 was drawn incorrectly. The structure of phthalic anhydride is correctly presented in the revised Scheme 2 indicated below.
The new drug discovery is found to be a time consuming and costly process. Recently, a trend towards the use of in-silico computational chemistry and molecular modeling for computer aided drug design has gained significant momentum. This review is an investigation of the applications of different software in drug design. The modern drug discovery process is(More)
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