Goldie Uppal

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Using dynamic surface electrode electromyography, we evaluated muscle activity in 13 male professional golfers during the golf swing. Surface electrodes were used to record the level of muscle activity in the right abdominal oblique, left abdominal oblique, right gluteus maximus, left gluteus maximus, right erector spinae, left erector spinae, upper rectus(More)
Heroin activity in New York City is traced from 1970 using a variety of indicators. A steady decline in the number of new "intensive" users (those who required treatment) is noted, beginning around 1970. Various possible explanations of this decline are examined. Reductions in the supply of heroin or in the demand for heroin do not appear to be causes of(More)
This study demonstrates the accuracy of a common, readily available pressure transducer system (IVAC pump) for the measurement of compartment syndromes. An in vitro assay was used to compare the accuracy of the IVAC pump manometer with the Hewlett-Packard monometer (HP78532B) and a miniaturized digital fluid pressure manometer (Stryker). The IVAC pump was(More)
Thirty myelomeningocele patients with untreated hip dislocations who had functional quadriceps and good ambulatory capability were evaluated for hip pain, hip motion and sitting ability: they had no pain, good to excellent hip motion and no difficulty in sitting. Three were wheelchair-bound. Nine had a limb-length inequality requiring a shoe lift. They were(More)
A series of substituted-N′-[(1E)-substituted-phenylmethylidene]benzohydrazide analogs were synthesized and authenticated by TLC, UV–Visible, FTIR, and NMR spectroscopic techniques. The physicochemical similarity of the new analogs with standard drugs was assessed by calculating from a set of ten physicochemical properties using software programs. The(More)
The new drug discovery is found to be a time consuming and costly process. Recently, a trend towards the use of in-silico computational chemistry and molecular modeling for computer aided drug design has gained significant momentum. This review is an investigation of the applications of different software in drug design. The modern drug discovery process is(More)
A survey designed to assess drug and alcohol use among the 1,600,000 students in Grades 7 through 12 who attend New York State public schools was administered in 10i schools during the winter of 1974-75. Findings indicate that over 80% of the students have used alcohol and that almost one-third of the students have used marijuana at least once. In addition,(More)