Golden Braid

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BACKGROUND Prescription and use of long term oxygen treatment were audited in a large group of patients after more than five years of use of the guidelines for its prescription. METHODS Patients with a concentrator were interviewed at home with a structured questionnaire in three family health service authorities in East London. Stable oxygen saturation(More)
Nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) provides effective ventilatory support in patients with nocturnal hypoventilation. Nasal pressure support ventilation (NPSV), which only provides ventilation in response to patient triggering, may also be effective, simpler, and cheaper, but has not been evaluated. NIPPV and NPSV were compared in 12(More)
BACKGROUND Nasal mask discomfort is a major factor in compliance with treatment by nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) and nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). METHODS A study of skin complications resulting from mask usage, with particular reference to predisposing factors, was carried out in 66 patients by means of a(More)
The provision of information to patients with chronic respiratory problems is arguably one of the most important aspects of care. Mindful of the paucity of relevant information on this for respiratory nurses, the authors set out to compile teaching cards which would act as guidelines for nursing interventions with respiratory patients. The cards, the(More)
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