Golam Tangim

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This paper deals with the study and analysis of ECG signal processing by means of MATLAB tool effectively. Study of ECG signal includes generation & simulation of ECG signal, acquisition of real time ECG data, ECG signal filtering & processing, feature extraction, comparison between different ECG signal analysis algorithms & techniques (i.e. Wavlet(More)
The paper based public transport ticketing system, prevailing in the megacity Dhaka (Bangladesh), introduces severe malfunction in the system, malicious argument among public, corruption and most of all traffic jam. This paper actually suggests a much more public friendly, automated system of ticketing as well as the credit transaction with the use of RFID(More)
Noise abatement is the key problem of small-scaled circuit design. New computational paradigms are needed; as these circuits shrink, they become very vulnerable to noise and soft errors. In this lecture, we present a probabilistic computation framework for improving the resiliency of logic gates and circuits under random conditions induced by voltage or(More)
This paper presents a new proposal of utilizing the advantages of both the barcode and the RFID technology in a hybrid system where we can have the maximum efficiency with comparatively low cost. This system will use radio frequency (RF) to identify multiple 3D barcodes simultaneously using time division multiplexing technique instead of infrared (IR) or(More)
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