Gokul Subramania

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In this paper, we present a search-based motion planning algorithm for manipulation that handles the high dimensionality of the problem and minimizes the limitations associated with employing a strict set of pre-defined actions. Our approach employs a set of adaptive motion primitives comprised of static motions with variable dimensionality and on-the-fly(More)
that Me-LPPP, in addition to MEH-PPV, is hole-limited with a Ca cathode. For conjugated polymer films, such as PAni, the improvement in quantum efficiency is due to an increase in the anode work function to 5.1 ± 0.1 eV, which results in a nearly ohmic contact. For nanoparticle mono-layers, the improvement is due to an increase in the local electric field(More)
—Full bandgap 1,2 (3D) photonic crystal materials offer a means to precisely engineer the electromagnetic reflection, transmission, and emission properties of surfaces over wide angular and spectral ranges. However, very few 3D photonic crystals have been successfully demonstrated with areas larger than 1 cm 2. Large sheets of photonic bandgap (PBG)(More)
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