Gokhan Ozuner

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UNLABELLED Transanal rectal advancement flap (TRAF) is a surgical option in the management of rectovaginal and other complicated fistulas involving the anorectum. Most reported series have a short follow-up. PURPOSE This study was undertaken to determine the long-term success, safety, applicability, and factors affecting recurrence in patients managed(More)
BACKGROUND In Crohn's disease, ten-year reoperative recurrence rates after resection range from 30 to 53 percent. To determine the effect of strictureplasty on reoperative "recurrence" rates, experience at a single tertiary care institution was reviewed. PATIENTS AND MATERIALS Records of all patients who underwent strictureplasty for Crohn's disease from(More)
BACKGROUND Rectal prolapse is a relatively common condition in children and elderly patients but uncommon in young adults less than 30 years old. The aim of this study is to identify risk factors and characteristics of rectal prolapse in this group of young patients and determine surgical outcome. METHODS Adult patients younger than 30 years old with(More)
PURPOSE To determine the incidence, clinical features, and optimal management of poststrictureplasty hemorrhage in Crohn's disease. METHODS Retrospective analysis of 139 patients with Crohn's disease seen at the Cleveland Clinic who underwent a total of 523 strictureplasties between June 1984 and June 1992. RESULTS Poststrictureplasty hemorrhage(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this article is to determine the outcome of the pelvic pouch after the occurrence of a fistula. MATERIALS AND METHODS From 1983 to 1995, 1,040 pelvic pouch surgeries were done at our institution. We reviewed the records of all patients with pouch-related fistulas. Data were collected from chart reviews and our pouch registry. RESULTS(More)
Intussusception of the appendix is an uncommon condition, and the diagnosis is rarely made preoperatively. Making an accurate diagnosis before laparotomy is important in providing the optimal treatment for the patient. We present the clinical and endoscopic features of two cases of intussusception of the appendix and review the literature. Diagnosis was(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of our study was to evaluate factors associated with percutaneous drainage (PCD) failure, complications, and stoma creation for patients undergoing sigmoidectomy for diverticular abscess. METHODS Data for patients with diverticular abscess greater than or equal to 3 cm in diameter treated with initial PCD from 1994 to 2012 were(More)
There are limited data assessing the effectiveness of antibiotics as sole initial therapy in patients with large diverticular abscess. The aim of our study was to compare outcomes of selected patients treated with initial antibiotics alone versus percutaneous drainage. All patients with diverticular abscess ≥3 cm in diameter treated in our institution in(More)
An operative experience of three patients who underwent incidental laparoscopic appendectomy during laparoscopic cholecystectomy is presented. The technique and indications are discussed. The authors conclude that incidental laparoscopic appendectomy is possible and safe with existing incisions performed in gallbladder surgery. However, well-controlled(More)
AIM To report our experience on management of colorectal neoplasia during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. METHODS Patients who were diagnosed with colorectal cancer during pregnancy or in the postpartum period (< 6 mo), between 8/1997 and 4/2013, in our department were reviewed. Patient characteristics, operations, fetal health and follow-up(More)