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Future many-core processors will require high-performance yet energy-efficient on-chip networks to provide a communication substrate for the increasing number of cores. Recent advances in silicon nanophotonics create new opportunities for on-chip networks. To efficiently exploit the benefits of nanophotonics, we propose Firefly - a hybrid, hierarchical(More)
In this study we introduce NetBench, a benchmarking suite for network processors. NetBench contains a total of 9 applications that are representative of commercial applications for network processors. These applications are from all levels of packet processing; Small, low-level code fragments as well as large application level programs are included in the(More)
On-chip network is becoming critical to the scalability of future many-core architectures. Recently, nanophotonics has been proposed for on-chip networks because of its low latency and high bandwidth. However, nanophotonics has relatively high static power consumption, which can lead to inefficient architectures. In this work, we propose FlexiShare —(More)
Data mining constitutes an important class of scientific and commercial applications. Recent advances in data extraction techniques have created vast data sets, which require increasingly complex data mining algorithms to sift through them to generate meaningful information. The disproportionately slower rate of growth of computer systems has led to a(More)
As the market for mobile architectures continues its rapid growth, it has become increasingly important to understand and optimize the power consumption of these battery-driven devices. While energy consumption has been heavily explored, there is one critical factor that is often overlooked -- the end user. Ultimately, the energy consumption of a mobile(More)
We propose methods for reducing the energy consumed by snoop requests in snoopy bus-based symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) systems. Observing that a large fraction of snoops do not find copies in many of the other caches, we introduce JETTY, a small, cache-like structure. A JETTY is introduced in-between the bus and the L2 backside of each processor. There it(More)
Transient errors are one of the major reasons for system downtime in many systems. While prior research has mainly focused on the impact of transient errors on datapath, caches and main memories, the register file has largely been neglected. Since the register file is accessed very frequently, the probability of transient errors is high. In addition, errors(More)
We introduce a new technique for determining a mobile phone's indoor location even when Wi-Fi infrastructure is unavailable or sparse. Our technique is based on a new ambient sound fingerprint called the Acoustic Background Spectrum (ABS). An ABS serves well as a room fingerprint because it is compact, easily computed, robust to transient sounds, and(More)
A key function for network traffic monitoring and analysis is the ability to perform aggregate queries over multiple data streams. Change detection is an important primitive which can be extended to construct many aggregate queries. The recently proposed sketches are among the very few that can detect heavy changes online for high speed links, and thus(More)