Gojko Babic

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************************************************************************ ATM Forum Document Number: ATM_Forum/99-0045 ************************************************************************ Title: Throughput Fairness Index: An Explanation ************************************************************************ Abstract: The performance testing document(More)
This contribution addresses the problem of measuring frame latency in ATM switches. The frames consisting of several ATM cells may arrive with numerous gaps between cells. It is important that the gaps present in the input stream be not counted towards the switch's contribution to the frame delay. The proposed solution called "MIMO" (Message-In Message-Out)(More)
In performance analysis and design of communication netword modeling data tra c is important. With introduction of new applications, the characteristics of the data tra c changes. We present a brief review the di erent models of data tra c and how they have evolved. We present results of data tra c analysis and simulated tra c, which demonstrates that the(More)
In this contribution, we present frame delay measurement results and calculations using the revised MIMO latency definition in the cases with different input and output link rates and discontinuous frames on input. Notice: This contribution has been prepared to assist the ATM Forum. It is offered to the Forum as a basis for discussion and is not a binding(More)
In performance testing of ATM switches and network of switches a variety of connection configurations is needed. In most of the cases, these configurations require one traffic generator and/or analyzer for each switch port. Since this equipment is rather expensive, it is desirable to define scalable configurations that can be used with a limited number of(More)
ATM technology is now being deployed in operational networks. Most of the specifications required for operation have been developed. This includes signaling (UNI 4.0), routing (PNNI 1.0), traffic management (TM 4.0), numerous physical layer, network management, and testing specifications. As the technology moves from the laboratories to the field, the users(More)
We experimented with the latency, throughput, fairness, and frame loss rate metrics. The results of these measurements are helpful in refining the baseline text. This revised version includes corrected and new measurements for throughput and latency. Source: Gojko Babic, Arjan Durresi, Raj Jain, Justin Dolske, Shabbir Shahpurwala The Ohio State University(More)
.Improved text for measurement procedures, foreground traffic characteristics and scalable configurations for throughput section of the baseline text is presented. Source: Gojko Babic, Arjan Durresi, Raj Jain, Justin Dolske The Ohio State University Department of CIS Columbus, OH 43210-1277 Phone: 614-292-3989, Fax: 614-292-2911, Email: Jain@ACM.Org The(More)