Goichi Makinaga

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We have developed a new technique for simultaneous assessment of the four cervical cerebral arteries. Using a cervical brace with four freely adjustable Doppler probes attached, we studied four healthy young males and observed their cerebral blood flow changes during common carotid compression. The results indicated various reactivity in these subjects. We(More)
Reversed ophthalmic blood flow in the occlusions (33 patients) and stenoses (11 patients) of the internal carotid artery (ICA) was examined using the ultrasonic Doppler technique. The Doppler shift frequencies of the blood flow signal were analyzed to obtain their sound spectrogram. In stenosis of the ICA, "presystolic notch" was more frequently observed(More)
There has been no consensus about the acute effect of cigarette smoking on cerebral blood flow, and the continuous change of flow in four cerebral vessel flow with peripheral flow during different kinds of cigarette smoking has not been reported until now. Our results indicate smoking increases the flow of four cerebral vessels almost at the same time and(More)
On the basis of the antigenic substructure of tetanus neurotoxin, the antitoxin compositions of horse, rabbit and human tetanus antitoxin sera, in terms of their contents of antibodies against four antigenic determinant groups (alpha, beta-1, beta-2 and the "topographic" determinant group gamma) so far known for the toxin were studied by quantitative(More)
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