Goh Kawai

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We developed a CALL (computer-aided language learning) system for teaching the pronunciation of Japanese long vowels, the mora nasal and mora obstruents to non-native speakers of Japanese. Long vowels and short vowels are spectrally almost identical but their phone durations differ significantly. Similar conditions exist between mora nasals and non-mora(More)
We h a v e built a prototype Automatic Dialogue Sum-marizer (ADS) | a real{time system that automatically generates simple summaries of completely spontaneous human{human spoken dialogues without the machine interrupting the natural ow o f conversation. Two dialogue participants (client and clerk) discuss conference room reservations (CRR) in Japanese, and(More)
We examined pitch patterns within and across intonational phrases of Japanese read aloud by native and non-native (Mandarin Chinese) speakers. Japanese speakers change pitch ranges for each intonational phrase. The relative pitch ranges of neighboring intonational phrases indicate which intonational phrase belongs to which intonational phrase group. Chinese(More)
Perception experiments suggest that natives judge non-native unfilled pauses as indiscriminate and indecisive. Multiple regression analyses of unfilled pauses indicate a connection between syntactic structure and pause location and duration. Native speakers uniformly pause at large syntactic breaks with marked duration, whereas non-natives' unfilled pauses(More)