Goh Chin Hock

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In this paper, a circuit model is done for rectangular printed disc monopole antenna with slot for ultra wideband application. For this circuit modeling, patch cavity model consists of series resistor and inductor which represent the surface resistance and surface inductance with the combination of LC circuit as the resonant circuit is introduced. Moreover,(More)
With the goal of providing stable electric quality and safety, it is important for power utilities to maintain their substation equipment by predicting and diagnosing their failures. The common failure is dielectric break downs due to insulator wear and tear. The goal is to develop a non destructive, non contact testing method to predict the location of(More)
In recent years, numerous antenna technologies have caught much attention since they have been proved to enhance the general functions of systems. Various services are now provided by systems with manifold antennas. These systems are capable of increasing credibility of telecommunications and enhancing channel capacity remarkably. They are also able to(More)
In this paper, a relatively low cost, simple user and spatial detection with AD8313 evaluation board is described. 16-element linear array antennas are designed in order to operate at frequency of 457 MHz for the rural communication network. A testing-bed with simple arrangement is setup in order to validate the proposed method. The array antennas are used(More)
In this paper, dissipation factor measurement of Paper Insulated Lead Covered (PILC) cable insulation at ultra high frequency (UHF) is described. The material under test (MUT) is clamped between two copper sheets to form a capacitor, which is connected to the Advantest R3767CG vector network analyzer (VNA) to measure its input impedance at the resonant(More)
In this paper, a wireless controller area network (CAN) was developed using low cost microcontroller. The system is low cost and low power consumption for CAN application in order to receive data such as velocity, temperature and batteries power from Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). A programming was written for the microcontroller to receive data from(More)
In this paper, a dual patch as the element of the antennas array at low frequency application is presented. An advanced electromagnetic simulation tool is used to model the structure. The array antennas are designed in order to operate at the dual frequency of 457 MHz and 471 MHz. The array antennas consist of six single elements of microstrip patch antenna(More)
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