Gofran Shukair

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The heterogeneity of the environment in which data exchange happens is creating many challenges during the execution of digital public services across Europe. Lack of agreement and guidance on the meaning and format of information to be exchanged between Member States are the main stumbling block. Semantic interoperability is jeopardized by different(More)
Considerable investment in RDF publishing has recently led to the birth of the Web of Data. But is this investment worth it? Are publishers aware of how their linked datasets traffic looks like? We propose an access analytics platform for linked datasets. The system mines traffic insights from the logs of registered RDF publishers and extracts Linked(More)
Data models, taxonomies, ontologies, code lists and semantic data exchange formats are the key resources for achieving data interoperability. These resources exist in several national repositories that differ both in scope and in the target groups they address. They are implemented using different technologies and expose different interfaces to the end(More)
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