Goetz Westphal

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Diesel engine exhaust particles (DEP) contribute substantially to ambient air pollution. They cause acute and chronic adverse health effects in humans. Biodiesel (rapeseed oil methyl ester, RME) is used as a "green fuel" in several countries. For a preliminary assessment of environmental and health effects of RME, the particulate-associated emissions from(More)
The erythropoietin receptor (EpoR) belongs to the cytokine superfamily and is a type I transmembrane protein. Like other members of this family, EpoR is also synthesized as a soluble form, and is subsequently secreted by the cell. To investigate whether soluble EpoR (sEpoR) is expressed in human tumor cell lines, we developed a sensitive quantitative ELISA,(More)
The DNA of the gene complementing a PAPS-reductase-deficient strain of Escherichia coli was sequenced. The N-terminal amino acid sequence of the purified PAPS-reductase confirmed that cys H is the structural gene for this enzyme. The open reading frame extends 732 bases and encodes for a peptide of Mr = 27927. The gene product is functionally active when(More)
The nucleotide sequence These sequence data will appear in the EMBL Sequence Data Library under the accession number Y07525 of the gene cysH from Escherichia coli K12 was determined. The open reading frame was 735 nucleotides in length; it was flanked by a repetitive palindromic sequence centred 36 nucleotides upstream of cysH and a terminator-like(More)
1. A series of oligosaccharides was isolated from Salmonella milwaukee lipopolysaccharide by partial acid hydrolysis. 2. Structural studies on these oligosaccharides indicated that the O-specific side chain of this lipopolysaccharide has a repeating pentasaccharide unit that is probably alpha-d-galactosyl-(1-->3)-beta-d-galactosyl-(More)
Dicyclohexylamine×nitrite is used in chemical formulations as an anti-corrosion agent. N-Nitrosodicyclohexylamine (N-NO-DCHA) can be formed by nitrosation from dicyclohexylamine during the application of these formulations. As most of the nitrosamines are genotoxic carcinogens, the genotoxic potential of N-NO-DCHA was investigated in V79 Chinese hamster(More)
The storage life of industrial-made tinned liver sausage has more effect on the decrease in glucose and total carbohydrate content than the corresponding sterilisation program. The addition of glucose and casein shows greater effect as respects the Maillard-reaction on tinned model than on minced liver.
Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites of filamentous fungi that can cause various acute and chronic toxic effects in humans. Previous work by Büngeret al. exhibited that the cytotoxicityof Aspergillus nidulans, one of the most frequent toxigenic moulds in composting plants, could not be explained by its content of identified mycotoxins. The presence of(More)
The influence of thermical treatment of pig liver on the concentration of water-soluble proteins was investigated. The latter can be partly separated by preparative thin-layer chromatography and characterized by UV-spectroscopy. The initial decrease in measurable protein content as a result of the denaturation was followed by a light increase. The latter(More)
Glucose can be extracted from the carbohydrates of pig liver by water, but glycogen only by boiling alkalies. The last one can be precipitated with ethanol. The boiling of an aqueous liver suspension causes a decrease in glucose quantity as expected. Thereby the influence of the liver proteins on carbohydrate concentration becomes apparent as well as the(More)