Goel Samuel

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SUMMARY We apply a novel methodology, based on statecharts, to the design of large scale asynchronous systems. The design is specified at multiple levels, simulated, animated, and compiled into synthesizable VHDL code by using the ExpressV-HDL CAD tool. We add a validation subsystem to check correct operation. ExpressV-HDL is originally synchronous, but we(More)
In recent years, there is an enormous growth in the collection of varied image databases in the web. It is difficult for the user to search and retrieve required images from these large collections. Content based Image retrieval emerged as an alternative to automated text based image retrieval systems. It is an approach for retrieving semantically-relevant(More)
The general encryption mechanism involves conversion of plain text into cipher text and decryption as vice versa, as well as multimedia(such as images, video, etc.,) the momentous aspect over here is that the converted cipher text always produces greater size than the original plain text. As there are innumerable number of internet users these days, more(More)
– Multiuser Software Authentication plays a vital role to authenticate and access software's through online. Multiuser means multiple users are trying to access the software after purchasing through online with specified number of copies. Here copies indicate number of users to install and access the software through online process. In the existing work(More)
Today almost all organizations in the world are network-centric paradigm and to safeguard the data in a world where technology is advancing, systems are changing rapidly and information flows freely requires efficient secure channel at the endpoint. Security is the heart of IT revolution and more specifically user authentication and key establishment are(More)
In today's Fast growing commercial word Social network Websites (SNW) like FaceBook, Twitter etc, are the major source for maintain social communication, doing e-business. Now a day's dynamic data discovery is a part of it's activity for many organizations in banking sector, content providing sites and ecommerce websites. Interestingly on the other side we(More)
Introduction of new software technologies also increased a great demand for the efficient software digital right management protection to prevent unauthorized copying and illegal distribution, according to the analysts, Software publishers lost several billions of revenue due to copying of their products. Many defense mechanisms have been proposed but still(More)
  • P Sankara Rao, E Vamsidhar, G Samuel, Vara Prasad Raju, Ravikanth Satapati, Kvsrp Varma +1 other
  • 2010
In these days an image retrieval system has become a challenging task. Many systems based on the text based retrieval but the need of image based retrieval system that takes an image as the input query and retrieves images based on image content is more complicated task. Content Based Image Retrieval is an approach for retrieving semantically-relevant(More)
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