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SUMMARY We apply a novel methodology, based on statecharts, to the design of large scale asynchronous systems. The design is specified at multiple levels, simulated, animated, and compiled into synthesizable VHDL code by using the ExpressV-HDL CAD tool. We add a validation subsystem to check correct operation. ExpressV-HDL is originally synchronous, but we(More)
The general encryption mechanism involves conversion of plain text into cipher text and decryption as vice versa, as well as multimedia(such as images, video, etc.,) the momentous aspect over here is that the converted cipher text always produces greater size than the original plain text. As there are innumerable number of internet users these days, more(More)
  • M V Kishore, M Tech, +6 authors Anits Y Lalitha Varma
  • 2014
Today almost all organizations in the world are network-centric paradigm and to safeguard the data in a world where technology is advancing, systems are changing rapidly and information flows freely requires efficient secure channel at the endpoint. Security is the heart of IT revolution and more specifically user authentication and key establishment are(More)
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