Godpromesse Kenné

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This brief presents an adaptive variable structure identifier that provides finite time convergent estimate of the induction motor rotor resistance under feasible persistent of excitation condition. The proposed rotor resistance scheme is based on the standard dynamic model of induction motor expressed in a fixed reference frame attached to the stator. The(More)
In this paper, a simplified nonlinear method is proposed to enhance the transient stability of multimachine power system by using a Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC). The rate of dissipation of transient energy is used to determine the additional damping provided by a SSSC. The proposed algorithm is based on the direct Lyapunov method. The(More)
This paper deals with the identification of the stator and rotor resistances. The originality of this work is that it considers both rotor and stator resistances as time-varying parameters. Two schemes for the rotor resistance identification and one scheme for both stator and rotor resistances identification are outlined. The first and the third schemes use(More)