Godfried Augenbroe

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Schema definition is a vital component in the development of computerised A/E/C projects, but existing tools to manage this task are limited both in terms of the scope of problems they can tackle and their integration with each other. This paper describes a global modelling and development environment for large modelling projects. This environment provides(More)
This paper reports on two case studies that explore the current use of computational tools in building design scenarios. Goal of the project is to gain insight into the role of tools in the design process and to investigate and capture the designer’s viewpoint concerning building simulation. This viewpoint is essential for a successful application of(More)
The Design Analysis Integration (DAI)-Initiative aims to steer towards new solutions for design analysis integration. These solutions should be able to overcome the limitations of current interoperability approaches that assume the existence of generic and static interfaces in a ‘perfect world’ in which all information is structured and all mappings between(More)
Making decisions on building maintenance policies is an important topic in facility management. To evaluate different maintenance policies and make rational selection, both performance and maintenance cost of building components need to be of concern. For roofing sytem Markov Chain model has been developed to simulate the stochastic degrading process to(More)
This paper presents the development of an automated energy analysis for GSA and the results of a case study comparing two courthouse design options in the Preliminary Concept Design stage. The purpose of this study is to understand the issues around a BIM-driven concept design process that integrates building simulation for design evaluation. The study is(More)