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Agriculture in Malta in the late Middle Ages
\ No proper treatment of agriculture in Malta during the century or so before the arrival of the Order of st. John in the island has yet appeared in print. Nor could the subject have been adequatelyExpand
The militia list of 1419-1420
The Arabs in Malta
A land inheritance dispute in Gozo in 1485
On 8 and 9 February 1485 witnesses were heard on behalf of Joanni (or Johannes) de Bonnichio (Bonnici) and the cleric Gullielmus Kinzi against Petrus, Jacobus and Liuni de Pontremoli in the court ofExpand
The young widow on Gozo who remarried too soon, 1465-68
Lisa's relatives were among the richer landowners of Malta and Gozo. Her father was Antonius de Vagnolu or Bagnolo, prominent in the affairs of Malta in the first half of the fifteenth century, andExpand
Coron captives in Malta
Malta fiz-zmien nofsani