Godfrey C. Onwubolu

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Chapter 2: An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms for Engineering Applications Chapter 3: Memetic Algorithms Chapter 4: Scatter Search and Path Relinking: Foundations and Advanced Designs Chapter 5: Ant Colony Optimization Chapter 6: Differential Evolution Chapter 7: SOMA-Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm Chapter 8: Discrete Particle Swarm(More)
Several pattern classifiers give high classification accuracy but their storage requirements and processing time are severely expensive. On the other hand, some classifiers require very low storage requirement and processing time but their classification accuracy is not satisfactory. In either of the cases the performance of the classifier is poor. In this(More)
The rate at which organizations are acquiring data is exploding and managing such data so as to infer useful knowledge that can be put to use is increasingly becoming important. Data Mining (DM) is one such technology that is employed in inferring useful knowledge that can be put to use from a vast amount of data. This paper presents the data mining(More)
This paper presents a new approach of differential evolution to scheduling optimization problem. The developed approach is viewed as an enhanced varient of differential evolution, incorporation new child correction schemas and coversion schemas from differential to discrete domain. The heuristic is extensively evaluated with the scheduling problem of flow(More)