Godfrey A. Mills

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Literature on the effects of beta-blockers on blood glucose is reviewed. Data are presented regarding the adrenergic influences on glucose regulation and the effects of beta-blockade during hypo- and hyperglycemia in normal and diabetic individuals. beta-adrenergic stimulation enhances insulin and glucagon secretion, as well as glycogenolysis,(More)
We discuss quantization effects of hologram recording on the quality of reconstructed images in phase-shifting digital holography. We vary bit depths of phase-shifted holograms in both numerical simulation and experiments and then derived the complex amplitude, which is subjected to Fresnel transformation for the image reconstruction. The influence of(More)
We describe data compression in phase-shifting digital holography. We demonstrate by experimentation that an image of a diffusely reflecting object can be reconstructed only by phase data of the derived complex amplitude. It is shown that reduction of the bit depth of the phase data does not seriously damage the image even down to 1 bit. We observe(More)
The immense benefits of fire in road transport cannot be overemphasized. However more than two thousand vehicles are damaged by unwanted fire on a daily basis. On a global scale, incendiary losses to the automobile and insurance industries have ran into billions of dollars over the last decade. A not-so-distant contributory factor is the lack of a(More)
This paper presents a rotational energy harvester using brushless direct current (BLDC) generator to harvest ambient energy for quadcopter in order to prolong it flight duration. For a quadcopter its endurance is essential in order to achieve operational goals such as scientific research, security, surveillance and reconnaissance. Because quadcopters have a(More)
Swine are the only livestock species that produce both the second mammalian isoform of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GNRH2) and its receptor (GNRHR2). Previously, we reported that GNRH2 and GNRHR2 mediate LH-independent testosterone secretion from porcine testes. To further explore this ligand-receptor complex, a pig model with reduced GNRHR2 expression(More)
Several similar-appearing (look-alike) unit dose products are shown, including ampuls, syringes, and oral drugs. These look-alikes could potentially lead to drug administration errors when one product is mistaken for another. This problem is briefly discussed and some suggestions for helping reduce the likelihood of errors are made. These include calling on(More)