Gode Gravenhorst

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This paper presents empirical and theoretical analyses of spectral hemispherical reflectances and transmittances of individual leaves and the entire canopy sampled at two sites representative of equatorial rainforests and temperate coniferous forests. The empirical analysis indicates that some simple algebraic combinations of leaf and canopy spectral(More)
Gross canopy photosynthesis (P(g)) can be simulated with canopy models or retrieved from turbulent carbon dioxide (CO2) flux measurements above the forest canopy. We compare the two estimates and illustrate our findings with two case studies. We used the three-dimensional canopy model MAESTRA to simulate P(g) of two spruce forests differing in age and(More)
Photosynthetically active radiation (Q)-use efficiency (epsilon) is an important parameter for deriving carbon fluxes between forest canopies and the atmosphere from meteorological ground and remote sensing data. A common approach is to assume gross primary production (P(g)) and net primary production (P(n)) are proportional to Q absorbed by vegetation(More)
Effects of a small clear-cutting on solar radiation, soil and air temperature regimes were investigated by continuous field measurements in a spruce forest in Solling, Central Germany, during vegetation period of 2005. Five meteorological stations, installed in central part of a small clear-cut area (2.5 ha) and close to edges of a surrounding forest,(More)
Based on the date from chemical analysis of 10,785 botanical and 1489 edaphic samples, the amount of nutrients accumulated in soil layer (0-60 cm) of sharptooth oak stands, the total biomass of the stands and their contents of accumulated nutrients, and the amount of litter and its contents of accumulated nutrients in southern slope of Mt. Qinling were(More)
Abstract The modification of nitrogen isotopic signals during particle sedimentation in the sea is of great interest for the use of sedimentary δ(15)N-values as a paleoceanographic tool. The effect of organic matter degradation on such modification was studied by analyzing nitrogen, hydrolyzable amino acids (THAA) and δ(15)N-values in a suit of marine(More)
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