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The previously developed eigenvalue method for computing the size effect of cohesive crack model is extended to the cohesive crack model with a finite residual stress. In this model, the structure size for which a specified relative length of kink-band corresponds to the maximum load is obtained as an eigenvalue of a homogeneous Fredholm integral equation.(More)
Efficient numerical finite-element analysis of creeping concrete structures requires the use of Kelvin or Maxwell chain models, which are most conveniently identified from a continuous retardation or relaxation spectrum, the spectrum in turn being determined from the given compliance or relaxation function. The method of doing that within the context of(More)
Logic inverters consisting of n-type FETs and resistors with SnO(2) nanowire channels were fabricated on films of the elastomer polydimethylsiloxane, prestrained and flattened into planar sheets from initial, preformed hemispherical shapes. Upon release, thin and narrow interconnects between individual devices in the arrays absorb induced strain by buckling(More)
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