Go Itoh

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Actin and myosin II play major roles in cell migration. Whereas pseudopod extension by actin polymerization has been intensively researched, less attention has been paid to how the rest of the actin cytoskeleton such as the actin cortex contributes to cell migration. In this study, cortical actin and myosin II filaments were simultaneously observed in(More)
Cancer tissues have biological characteristics similar to those observed in embryos during development. Many types of cancer cells acquire pro-invasive ability through epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT). Similar processes (gastrulation and migration of cranial neural crest cells [CNCC]) are observed in the early stages of embryonic development in(More)
—Topological difference between P2P network and underlying IP network is creating inefficient network resource usage as well as low application performance. To improve this situation, this paper proposes the network aware peer selection methods applicable to P2P file sharing. We compare the peer selection methods that use RTT, Window-size and path available(More)
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