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A Large Scale Gathering System for Activity Data with Mobile Sensors
In this paper, we show a large-scale activity gathering system with mobile sensor devices such as smart phones and accelerometers. We gathered over 35,000 activity data points from more than 200Expand
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Push Typed Tourist Information System Based on Beacon and Augumented Reality Technologies
Tourism is one of important resources in Japanese economy. The number of tourists has been increasing year and year. And the divergence and personalization for tourists are required and new tourismExpand
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Activity Information Sharing System with Video and Acceleration Data
In this paper, we introduce the large-scale activity information sharing system ALKAN2. ALKAN2 gathers users' activity information, which consists of three-axis accelerometer and video data usingExpand
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Experimentation of V2X Communication in Real Environment for Road Alert Information Sharing System
In this paper, we introduce an experimentation of V2X communication in real environment for a road alert information sharing system. Traffic accidents and traffic hazard are serious social problems.Expand
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Application of DTN to the Vehicle Sensor Platform CoMoSE
Time-Spacial automotive sensor data from various environmental and internal information of a vehicle is used for many vehicle control functions and services for passengers. To handle suchExpand
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A road condition monitoring system using various sensor data in vehicle-to-vehicle communication environment
In order to keep the resident's and driver's safety from natural disasters as well as traffic hazards such as heavy rainfall, snowfall and white-out, it is very important to monitor, understand andExpand
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Adaptive Array Antenna Control Methods on Delay Tolerant Networks for Road Surveillance Systems
The road conditions during the winter especially in mountain areas are one of the significant safety subjects for the residences and the tourists. However, there are still many places where theExpand
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Evaluations of Wireless V2X Communication Systems of for Winter Road Surveillance Systems
With the recent rapid growth of V2X (Vehicle-to-X) developments, there are many expectations for the purpose of safety driving, road guidance, and the road surveillance system during the winter.Expand
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Estimation of Communication Range Using Wi-Fi for V2X Communication Environment
In this paper, we introduce an estimation of communication range using Wi-Fi for V2X communication environment. Traffic accidents and traffic hazard are serious social problems. Understanding roadExpand
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Gathering Large Scale Human Activity Information Using Mobile Sensor Devices
In this paper, we show current status of gathering large scale human activity information using mobile sensor devices. If human activity can be objectively measured, we can expect variousExpand
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