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Two amphiphilic palladium NNC-pincer complexes bearing hydrophilic tri(ethylene glycol) chains and hydrophobic dodecyl chains were designed and prepared for the development of a new aquacatalytic system. In water, these amphiphilic complexes self-assembled to form vesicles, the structures which were established by means of a range of physical techniques.(More)
A heterogeneous mono(phosphine)-Rh catalyst system silica-SMAP-Rh(OMe)(cod), where silica-SMAP stands for a caged, compact trialkylphosphine (SMAP) supported on silica gel, showed broad applicability toward the hydrogenation of hindered ketones. Doubly alpha-branched ketones such as diisopropyl ketone was hydrogenated under nearly atmospheric conditions.(More)
Alkynoic acids were cyclized in the presence of a vesicular palladium-based catalyst and a catalytic amount of triethylamine in water to give the corresponding lactones in moderate-to-good yields. The formation of a vesicular structure was shown to be essential for the promotion of the reaction.
Allylic arylation of allylic acetates by sodium tetraarylborates in the presence of ppb to ppm (molar) loadings of a palladium NNC-pincer complex catalyst in methanol at 50 °C gave the corresponding arylated products in excellent yields. Total turnover numbers of up to 500,000,000 and turnover frequencies of up to 11,250,000 h(-1) were achieved.
Wide-angle X-ray scattering experiments and all-atomistic molecular dynamics calculations were performed to elucidate the detailed structure of bilayer vesicles constructed by self-assembly of an amphiphilic palladium NCN-pincer complex. We found an excellent agreement between the experimental and calculated X-ray spectra, and between the membrane thickness(More)
Amphiphilic pincer palladium complexes bearing hydrophilic and hydrophobic side chains on the planar NCN palladium pincer backbone were designed and prepared via the ligand introduction route. The complexes self-assembled under aqueous conditions to form vesicles with bilayer membranes containing palladium species. The catalytic activity of the vesicles in(More)
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