Gnanou Florence Sudha

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Visual Cryptography Scheme (VCS) is a cryptographic technique which can hide image based secrets. Even though VCS has the major advantage that the decoding can be done with the help of Human Visual System (HVS), yet it does not provide sufficient reconstruction quality. Hence, Two in One Image Secret Sharing Scheme (TiOISSS) is used which provides two(More)
Wireless ad hoc networks consist of nodes which can communicate with each other in a peer-to-peer fashion over single hop or multi hops without any fixed infrastructure such as access point or base station. In flat topology there is no topology management concept and all the nodes participate in routing. In this paper the task of topology management for ad(More)
Speckle reduction is an important pre-processing stage for ultrasound medical image processing. In this paper, an adaptive fuzzy logic approach for speckle noise reduction in ultrasound images is presented. In the proposed method, adaptiveness is incorporated at two levels. In the first level, applying fuzzy logic on the coefficients of variation computed(More)
Even though CDMA2000 wireless networks are being widely deployed as a cellular digital standard around the world, it has some hidden vulnerabilities concerned with security issues. The existing CDMA systems use authentication mechanism by CAVE (Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption) algorithm. This authentication method has several disadvantages.(More)
Ultrasound imaging has been considered as the most powerful techniques for imaging organs and soft tissue structures in the human body. However its main limitation is its poor quality of images which are degraded by speckle noise. Speckle is a multiplicative form of noise which is inherent in ultrasound imaging but carries some useful information which(More)
The simultaneous transmission of data by more than one transmitter leads to interference in the destination. Though this can be overcome by introducing cooperative communication, still the SNR performance is poor. In this paper, Dual Beam Array (DBA) is considered to reduce interference in the place of two single beam arrays. The Dual Beam Array has the(More)
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