Gnanam Ramasamy

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The ATP-dependent ClpQY protease system in Plasmodium falciparum is a prokaryotic machinery in the parasite. In the present study, we have identified the complete ClpQY system in P. falciparum and elucidated its functional importance in survival and growth of asexual stage parasites. We characterized the interaction of P. falciparum ClpQ protease (PfClpQ)(More)
Histochemical determinations of copper, zinc, and iron in intradermal pigmented nevi and melanomas revealed the presence of copper and iron in melanoma but not in nevi. Zinc was not detected in either melanomas or nevi. However, melanin was removed from the tissues prior to staining; therefore, it is possible that zinc was also removed by the procedure.(More)
BACKGROUND Plants became the basis of traditional medicine system throughout the world for thousands of years and continue to provide mankind with new remedies. Annona muricata, the plant of Annonaceae family, is also known as sour sop or Graviola. In recent years, many compounds have been reported and have gained organic chemist's and biochemist's(More)
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